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Allows Editorial to upload EDLs to initiate Visual Effects Pulls, mark Circle Takes for Dailies, and do a Final Conform. The Digital Lab is also able to upload ALEs saving Editorial from having to enter dailies information multiple times.

transcoding & VFX tools edl shot update conform
VFX and D.I. pulls are initiated by a simple upload of an EDL and can be launched by anyone with proper permissions. "Raw" files and the transcoder are both local, so VFX pulls happen near real-time, rendering DPX or EXR frame sequences, H264 proxies, pershot CCC (color) files and camera reports. These elements are rendered directly to the Secure File Transfer Client and the proper recipients are notified when complete. Editorial can maintain current shot names, lengths and cut orders with a simple EDL upload to Joust. Updates or changes trigger a notification to production and a detailed history is maintained in the database. Editorial is now able to prepare for final conforms either as a rolling conform throughout the show allowing them to generate higher quality images for preview screenings or as needed when turning over reels to final DI. Essentially performing as much as 80% of the work for the final conform vendor.

Provides a simple interface for creating vendor packages, including watermarking of images and secure FTP transfer. The Vendor Submission puts the responsibility of uploading correctly named and formatted submissions for review into the hands of the vendor saving countless hours for VFX Production.

package creation
Allows you to search by any shot or sequence immediately displaying all material associated with your selection, making it quick and easy to build and transfer packages to established vendors or production.
vendor submission
VFX vendors can now easily and efficiently submit to production by uploading to the Joust SFTP. Once uploaded to the Joust SFTP, vendors can login and verify their submission in which Joust will scan the SFTP folder, verify file integrity, create proxy quicktimes, copy to storage and finally send an email notification to the appropriate parties with a configurable excel spreadsheet attached.

Is where all metadata comes together, providing a simple interface for the digital lab to import ALEs, comma-separated .Mer files, and all other material gathered on set, including Camera and Script Supervisor notes. This metadata is seamlessly assigned and tracked by the Joust database, making the information available throughout the entire lifespan of a shot.

upload ale merge file import file association
The JOUST upload .ALE function allows the Digital Lab to upload .ALEs linking crucial metadata such as slate, camera roll, clip name, color-timing information, etc. to each shot within JOUST. This metadata will persist through the entire lifespan of a shot all the way to final delivery. .MER files are comma-separated text files with headers consisting of Camera Data gathered by either the Camera Dept or the On-Set Visual Effects Data Wrangler. These .MER files are uploaded into JOUST linking all Camera Data metadata to each shot, eliminating the tedious task of having to sort through paper notes to gather this information. This metadata will persist through the entire lifespan of a shot all the way to final delivery. File Association in JOUST allows the user to search and associate media of any variety to either a specific shot within JOUST or a predefined category. Once File Associations have been made, the found shot will be displayed as well as all associated media.

Simple, streamlined, and elegant solution for viewing media, including on-set dailies and VFX review submissions. Easily view clips anywhere with an internet connection using any desktop or mobile device, while also having the ability to view dailies, create custom playlists, tag and leave notes on shots and view all pershot metadata.

dailies shot review playlist
In the JOUST Viewer, Dailies, can be viewed and sorted in a variety of ways. Details, Notes, Tags, and Comments can also be viewed, added, or edited within, making the Viewer the repository for digital media and metadata. Your materials can be accessed whenever and wherever you'd like, using any desktop or mobile device with an internet connection. Allows the user to review all shots or media submitted by a Vendor, displaying exactly what the Vendor has uploaded to the SFTP. The user is then able to tag shots, make notes and create playlists with this media. The Playlist function in JOUST allows a user to create, edit, save and transfer Playlist's to any other user within the project that has been granted proper permissions. The Playlist's that you share, or that have been shared with you are then stored for future editing or additional transfers.